Ina Genee
Ina Genee

Coaching that aids:
- Problem solving
- Couple's counselling, separate or together
- Solving family disputes
- Resolving physical pains and aid recovery
- Developing and expressing personal abilities and talents
- enabling an inner view through chakra work
- Overcoming barriers and allowing things to flow naturally

Guided by my natural intuition and empathy and through the art of questioning, I will enable you to reach a level of self-perception. Linguistic and creative means as well as physical expression are used to aid in the creation of a movement which frees up that which is stuck.


I love nature and everything artistic and creative. My passion lies in studying and discovering to develop an increased consciousness and sharing this with others. I originally trained as a nursery-school teacher, with further education in systemic family systems, meditation and reincarnation therapy.

I work in English and German.

I am frequently on the move at the moment, please contact me directly via email: